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Guitar Effects Survival GuideTop educator, player and performing artist, Jeff McErlain presents 50 blues guitar licks covering a broad range of crucial blues moves you MUST know! McErlain’s handpicked range of phrases, concepts and techniques takes you to the Mississippi Delta and beyond to help guide your development of the tools, techniques and vocabulary you’ll need to unleash soulful lines and take your blues guitar playing to the next level.

Jeff draws from influences ranging from British royalty like Clapton, Page and Green to Texas bluesmen like SRV and the Reverend Billy G. Licks inspired by electric blues pioneers such as B.B., T Bone, Albert King and John Lee Hooker are also included. Of course, licks in the style of Robert Johnson are here along with plenty of Jimi-approved concepts.

50 Blues Licks goes well beyond the same old tired minor pentatonic moves as Jeff covers sliding 6ths, chromatics, minor and major applications, diminished lines, overtones, killer double-stops, octaves, rakes, swing comping, swampy down-home licks, Delta-approved turnarounds, tasty compingideas and how to use the blue’s built-in flat third to natural third ambiguity to create tension and dynamics in your playing.

After mastering 50 Blues Guitar Licks You MUST Know, you’ll have the knowledge to deliver powerful, evocative solos within a broad range of styles from British to Chicago, Austin to Detroit, Memphis to the Mississippi Delta.

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