Diabolus in musica (“the Devil in music”). Sounds scary doesn’t it? Well that is what the friendly tritone was reffered to as in the late 1600′s. The interval was considered so unsettling that it was believed the Devil was the reason created it, and so it was avoided. It’s only fitting that it is so prevalent in the blues which is often referred to as the Devil’s music. Fortunately superstition gave way in about the 1700′s Baroque period and the tritone has been used quite liberally since then. It is amazing how this interval consisting of three whole steps can cause such a stir and be the frame work for the blues.

In this lesson I will show you how you can play a blues by just using the tritones of each chord. They work very well together and are an absolute must for any blues guitarist to get a handle on. This is the good stuff right here.

Tighten Up Your Blues is a weekly video guitar lesson series by longtime TrueFire educator Jeff McErlain. In this series, Jeff will focus on nuance and all the finer points of touch, feel, and inflection in blues guitar playing. Be sure to subscribe!

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